European Sports Media have a combined industry understanding which equates to nearly 200 years!

At European Sports Media we’re proud to work with a diverse group of talented individuals who all help make ESM one of the best sports agencies in the world to work with. From senior management to our marketing, technical and administration teams we are here to help you achieve your organizations goals.

We have worked with many of the world’s leading brands as well as countless teams and stadiums around the Globe. Each member of our team adds their own unique expertise to ensure a truly frictionless experience, whatever your idea maybe, ESM will deliver – On time and on budget.

Tatiana Safonova

Tatiana Safonova, CEO

Originally from Moscow Tatiana graduated from Moscow university with a full honours degree in Japanese and has also lived in Japan for seven years. Married with 3 boys Tatiana likes ballet, opera, cooking and keeping fit. She also makes some of the best Sushi outside of Tokyo.



Our company mascot – The inscrutable Amo. A dog of few words but incredible presence. You’ll find him at most of our VIP events cheering on the teams (In reality he’s there for the free food!)

When not working, Amo enjoys nothing more than runs along the beaches, chewing tree branches and watching Crufts repeats.